Passionate About
Commercial Vehicles

At P van der Velden we can’t get enough of commercial vehicles. We can hardly wait to buy our next new truck or bus. Which works out well for you, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of vehicles. For long lease, short lease, or export. Add to that our optional service package, and the choice is clear: for a competitively priced quality commercial vehicle, look no further than P van der Velden! Dedicated service translates into convenience and price advantages for you.

Established in 1983, our company is a household name in the transport world. Initially, as a trusted dealer of MAN trucks; in more recent years, an increasingly well-known provider of commercial lease vehicles. We know our product through and through and can give you sound advice. P van der Velden enjoys customers who want to work together with us to find the best solution. A mutual clarity and raising of awareness gives us all renewed energy and inspiration.

Added value
• Our technicians can service our export vehicles anywhere in the world.
• If necessary, our technicians will bring new (original) components.
• We can provide driver’s training in the country of import if needed.
• We sell commercial vehicles as semi-finished products, so that you can customize the vehicle to suit your needs.

Like to know more? Call or email our export division.